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Lilok Pelikula is far, far away. May 8, 2008

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Short Cuts.

Well, this is a bit sad. I never expected that Lilok Pelikula would be saying goodbye this early, a blogging career so short-lived perhaps only a few would remember that it existed. The past seven months had been really gruesome, with thesis work, day job, and some rough family issues, and this film journal, as well as Digital Buryong, had helped me a lot in releasing those stress and frustration, and directing all of them to writing.

Reading has always been my passion, but writing is something that I only discovered lately when I found a work as a web content writer for an outsourcing company in Ortigas. The job was short-lived too – – I only stayed there for two months – – but getting along with people who earn their living through words and imagination, I believe it made me realize what I really want to do in my life.

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who visited this site, everyday, weekly, occasionally, once in a blue moon, whenever, and to those who took their time to write comments, again, thank you very much. Now that Philippine cinema is alive and kicking, let’s get those tools and help it build history. I am deeply optimistic that our filmmakers will produce better films this year, or next year, or several years from now. Of course not everyone of them is good, possible that most of them are bad, and only a few are exceptional, but the diversity among our films is something that we should be grateful about. Judy Ann Santos shooting a film in Palawan is something new. Raya Martin in Director’s Fortnight is something new. And Brillante Mendoza in competition in the Cannes Film Festival is not only something new, it rarely happens. So raise those beers and cheers to Philippine cinema, and hopefully our film criticism too will flourish.

(Richard Bolisay is just away and will be inactive for a while. This is just him in a state of disastrous sentimentality. He’ll be posting reviews when he finds time, but not as often as before. Morsels of his mind are all over the place and he can’t find where the other pieces are. Right now, he is waiting for divine intervention.)



1. Mario - May 8, 2008

Never give up on your dreams. Nice writing here…

2. straycat260 - May 9, 2008

Waa.. Wag mo iwan ito. Ikaw ang idol ko sa pagrebyu tsong.

3. el pistolero - May 11, 2008

hala, nagdrama si richard! why, o why are you leaving? keep it up. :)

4. Richard Bolisay - May 14, 2008

Thanks guys, I’ll do my best. :D

5. pebi - May 17, 2008

hello..sayang kung iiwan mo to.. i enjoy reading your reviews at mahusay ka magsulat :)

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