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Scarred, Scared in Khavn dela Cruz’s Overdosed Nightmare (2008) July 24, 2008

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Cinemalaya, Indie Sine, Literature, Noypi.

Filipino Title: Bangungot na Bangag
Written and directed by Khavn dela Cruz
Cast: Marvin Agustin, Bon Reyes, Buccino de Ocampo, Dave Kahn
Based on Norman Wilwayco’s Institute of Poets

This film has lived up to its name – – cranky, blasphemous, berserk, carnivorous – – for the nightmare is not only overdosed, it is sacrilegious, the darkness is so imperial it looks like a work of evil, a devil of a craftsman Khavn is – – and there is no point in deconstructing its stark elements because it only extinguishes the fire – – the silence of the lambs, the perfumed nightmare, the year of living dangerously, the fierce burning that invigorates and kills – – in this hellish den of punitive lunatics bent sophisticatedly in heaven.

The surrealist at work subscribes to absolute nihilism. The motive is anarchy. The enemy is false religion. The audience is four of us inside the cold, lurid theater of national artists. To call it weird is to sound like a four-year old watching Casablanca asking what’s that beautiful friendship in the end is all about. The nastiness revolves in a wider orbit – – drunkards munching rats for pulutan, the cripple’s chainsaw incubus, the greaseman’s journey in the city as he witnesses a mass orgasm, the philosophy of throwing shit in EDSA while talking about Ninoy, and perhaps the most memorable of all, Tony’s four guide points that he shares inside the Institute of Poets – – from eating balut to quadratic equations, from JDV to Erap, from lucid to livid – – the killing of the white man’s bestiality defines the catharsis of the sick, like the first sip of Coke. The images speak for themselves; the ideologies do not. Like notes in motion, the music reveals peculiar architecture – – messianic architecture – – and it dances the film into a galaxy of dark knights and jedis in third world pandemonium. Kris must not be watching this but I saw her in hindsight – – Ninoy is the most stupid person in the world because he said that the Filipino is worth dying for – – she screams in pain after this bionic torture. * * * *



1. staycat260 - July 24, 2008

May phobia ako sa mga film ng direktor na ito e. Dati kasi napanuod ko yung squatters funk di ko trip yung trip nya. hehehe..

2. Oggs Cruz - July 24, 2008

Did you see Ultimo, Chard?

3. Richard Bolisay - July 26, 2008

straycat: true, pero sakin positibo yung epekto ng phobia. nakakawala sa sarili.

oggs: nope, i didn’t see it. i believe it’s on a sunday so i just stayed home and watched TV instead. hehe. sayang, live music pa naman.

4. iwa - August 1, 2008


5. Richard Bolisay - August 2, 2008

Thanks, Norman. Haven’t seen your book yet in stores. Saaad.

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