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The Platonic Blow in Nacho Velilla’s Fuera de Carta (2008) October 15, 2008

Posted by Richard Bolisay in European Films, Queer, Spanish Filmfest.

English Title: Chef’s Special
Directed by Nacho Velilla
Cast: Javier Cámara, Lola Dueñas, Benjamin Vicuña

It can never go on without having that one thing, one thing that makes it irresistible, one thing that can win over its audience’s interest, one reason for its eternal existence. The mainstream easily gets away with foolery because of its dimwitted charm. But at least Fuera de Carta knows how to dislodge the niceties and stop circling around the point forever. Any proud citizen of the world who rotted his brain in front of the TV screen almost every day of his life will by no means be clueless with the path where it leads to. It is impossible not to compare it with local flicks, the musical numbers, the exaggeration, the sempiternal quest for love, love, love, love, love without meaning, love that captures all the meaning, the love despite/because of being queer angle, the acceptance, the gnarled details that comes along with it. Can you imagine Piolo Pascual as Horacio or Claudine Barretto in a supporting role or homosexuals kissing on screen for fun? Would Star Cinema and MTRCB allow that? Or are we still boobies in their eyes? Oh no wonder they always see us as degenerates – – it takes one to know one – – passing off anything stupid and giving Encantos an X-rating. Don’t even start with the Cinema Evaluation Board, tax rebates, MMFF, or Butch Francisco. Tolerating their insensibilities is somewhat noble, if not a sign of a neurological problem. An audience award means the audience likes it, loves it more or less to take time to write and vote for it – – nothing less than enjoyment and everything more than the thrill of seeing their fantasies manifested in the screen bigger than their egos or their balls.

*Película Pelikula: 7th Spanish Film Festival, October 1 – 12, Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1



1. yoshke - October 20, 2008

ilan ang napanood mo sa span film fest?

2. Richard Bolisay - October 21, 2008

i’ve seen five, including reygadas’ silent light which i haven’t written yet. the ticket is just P65 so just imagine how poor i felt attending cinemanila.

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