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Last Supper No. 3 (Veronica Velasco, 2009) August 21, 2009

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Cinemalaya, Indie Sine, Noypi, Queer.

last supper no. 3

Directed by Veronica Velasco
Written by Veronica Velasco and Jinky Laurel
Cast: Joey Paras, Jojit Lorenzo, JM de Guzman

It is not a series of unfortunate events. It is the unfortunate event in itself: life. Tragicomedy, from Shakespeare and Beckett to Renoir and Dr. Horrible, is more tragic than comedic, but we’re all at it for laughs mostly. It is a clever genre, one that entertains without giving the sullen taste of social apathy. Tragic is too common; it’s everywhere. Tragedy is a way of life; comedy isn’t. It is a response to tragedy. It maybe is the most creative thing that the thinking human ever thought of since building a fire. Or the periodic table of elements. Or deforestation. Or the color bars. Or the aperture of cameras. If we can’t see the hilarity in misfortunes we are doomed. If we can’t find the tragic in the absurd we are foolish, and we are wasting our short stint here on earth. It’s a funny game, life. And we all die and those awfulness and ridiculousness don’t mean a thing when we take off. Like Greg saying, We can live with dignity, we can’t die with it. Replace dignity with any catholic word and that would suffice. It’s a tragic ordeal, life. And we have to go through the odds to dispose them. Act like they never happened, live like they never changed us. Homosociality – – or iso-sociality, if you’re a political-correctness-geek – – is of no use and defense, unfortunately. We are in the modern medieval, where knights are not anymore as gallant as they used to be. The modern knights accept their fate mild-manneredly, amid every bureaucratic improbability and amid every absurd policy, and are just happy to have lived life the way generations before them did, without questioning why or how, the two most dreadful in the 5Ws and 1H, it has to be.



1. edgar p - August 23, 2009

…and the film critic is gone.
hope you’re enjoying yourself.


2. Cheesy - August 24, 2009

I love your reviews. I like the way that you don’t stick to the usual “write-a-summary + a little critique” formula. Your reviews seem to be very personal and insightful writing.

3. Richard Bolisay - August 25, 2009

To myself, not myself Richard Bolisay but myself (or sometimes me) my frequent commenter (whose comments i have read and printed and framed and hanged in my room to always remind me of the cruelty of life and its omnipresence and eternity despite hitting the spam button a lot of times, and whose comments i spared all of you from seeing), i’ll sing a Lykke Li song especially for you:

If you wanna complain
If you wanna complain
I’m not the complaint department.

Hope I’m in the right tune. See ya! :D

4. bittergrace - August 26, 2009

OT but that song reminds me of the argument clinic sketch of Monty Python. wala lang, funny.

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