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Sanglaan (Milo Sogueco, 2009) September 20, 2009

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Cinemalaya, Indie Sine, Noypi.

sanglaan 2

English Title: The Pawnshop
Directed by Milo Sogueco
Cast: Ina Feleo, Tessie Tomas, Joem Bascon

Random journal entries – – yes I still keep a journal! – – about unnecessary things, obsessive dreams, and keepsakes of drunk conversations.

May 9

Hinahanap mo nga ba ako o ang kawalan ko? – Bob Ong

July 27

I just woke from sleep. Checked the time. 4:34. Shit. Either I go back to sleep or I try to go back to sleep. The latter is more likely than hell.

Trying to remember.

God, yes, I dreamt of Ina Feleo’s nose. Yes, Ina Feleo’s nose. Ina. Feleo. Nose. Nose. Nose. Dunno why. Saw Sanglaan two nights ago. With no one of course, so I’m still left with my thoughts. Dunno if I have thoughts about the film though. I can’t seem to react about it, either good or bad. Anyway. . .

Yes, Ina Feleo’s nose.

It was only her nose in the dream. How do I know it’s her? Or it’s hers? Of course when it’s a dream, those things are not supposed to be argued, you just know it.

I just know it’s her nose, OK.

I was staring at it for a long while, waiting for her to sneeze or something. But she didn’t sneeze. She just smiled. I know she smiled because her skin moved a little. Oh I wish I’d seen her face.

Her nose was lovely.

I remember in grade school, we used to write essays about anything in English class. I imagine I would pick her nose as my subject (hahaha I didn’t mean it that way) and I could go on and on and on describing every detail of it, and my teacher would probably complain again about how wordy my essays are. I would smile because at least she read it.

Okay, enough of daydreaming.

It wouldn’t be a nose without protruding, and hers protrudes like. . .like. . .like the way Thom’s ears stick out. It is just divine. Looking at it is calming, but it also grabs and requires your full attention. I imagine a TV looking for signals and the signal-meter stops when it reaches her nose – – it can’t stand a divine creation! It adorns her beauty. It beams me home.

Haaah, why can’t I just sleep? Instead of this.

When I meet her, I will tell her that. That she has a beautiful nose. I hope she doesn’t get conscious about it because it is a lovely, beautiful nose.

September 3

Oggs driving. Me not listening. Well I can’t help but listen of course. He’s talking about Milo. I thought Milo Tolentino, Hermann’s friend. Milo Sogueco pala. I complain about Tessie Tomas screaming, and he quips, Flor Salanga kaya! He sounds depressed just by telling it.

Oggs is always the nice guy. Even when he sounds depressed, he still looks jubilant about it. We need a critic like that.

Hannah Montana, LFO, croissants, Khavn and Sherad walking from afar. . . Why am I writing this?

Even the wind is telling me how sad it is.

I wish I hadn’t looked. But it was open. How can I not say goodbye.

July 24

Saw Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe, Sanglaan, and Last Supper No. 3.  Straight.  I feel very tired. Lord, please, skip the dreamfest tonight. I just want to sleep a long sleep.

May 25

“Aren’t you giddy today?” I asked when the news of Kinatay’s win came out, as I’ve been asking everyone I know.

“Only slightly! The nationalist part of me says nice to hear the recognition, the critical part of me says I’ll only be truly happy for a film’s success if I’ve seen it and liked it.”

I texted back, “Ang purist mo naman!! Hehe.”

Was there a time when Alexis wasn’t unintentionally sincere?

December 13

Tonet, not drunk.

Sabi ni Direk Joyce, IF YOU CAN’T SOLVE IT, DIS-SOLVE IT!”

Napahandusay kami sa lapag. Pang-film major lang ba yung joke?

In fairness sa joke, hindi ko napanood ang Paano Kita Iibigin.

September 19

The artlessness works for me – – the restraint, the distribution of drama, the walking subtlety and vagueness of Ina Feleo, her nose that distracts me from focusing, the often-reserved tone of the film – – but only up to a certain extent.

The script leaves you wanting, for more or for less? I guess for more. But there is acuity in its “lessness” that is difficult to ignore – – it may be a masterpiece in modesty for all I know – – but should I trust my thoughts as I walk away after seeing the film, I may have to lean on the half-empty side.

Its loud points are really loud. Its soft points are like a whisper. Is it confused? Is it experimenting? Is it following a seismograph of emotions or something? The way it shakes at first, then nothing, then shakes again, then nothing, then the big earthquake comes. Or it could have been made with more time? More time to fine tune? More time to check if the AV jacks are connected accordingly?

The film screams “I could have been better” when it ends. It leaves a taste that I cannot decipher – – which is good if it lasts for days, but two months? I don’t know. I thought if I had more time to think it over. . . Sanglaan still puzzles me.

“If you can’t understand it, misunderstand it!” There goes a principle.

July 29

Dreamt of Ina Feleo’s nose again!!!! Haunting me? If ever I find the right frame of mind to write about Sanglaan, it should start with this dream. There is no other way. Making sense is overrated anyway.

September 15

“Hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay kasinungalingan na ito. At hindi lahat ng kaya mong intindihin ay katotohanan.”

>>Buti pa si Bob Ong, comforting.



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