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20 Records To Mars: Favorite Albums of 2009 December 28, 2009

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music.

The jury asked me: the absence of words or the presence of them to prove how they fail? I chose the former. Laziness is always the glory hog.

This is everything I ask and more: the twenty mighty records of the year, and the others.

20. Les Inrocks Reprises Volume 2 (Various Artists)

Recommended tracks: Maps (Wakey! Wakey!). Hallelujah (Beirut), Mushaboom (Bright Eyes), Bitch Ain’t Shit (Ben Folds), Oranges and Apples (The Trash Can SInatras), A Forest (Bat For Lashes), This Modern Love (Final Fantasy)

19. LP (Discovery)

Recommended tracks: Orange Shirt, Can You Discover? I Wanne Be Your Boyfriend (feat. Angel Dreadoorian)

18. Years of Refusal (Morrissey)

Recommended tracks: Something Is Squeezing My Skull, I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris, All You Need is Me, One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

17. The BQE (Sufjan Stevens)

Recommended tracks: Introductory Fanfare for the Hooper Heroes, Movement II: Sleeping Invader, Movement V: Self-Organizing Emergent Patterns, Movement VI: Isorythmic Night Dance with Interchanges

16. Logos (Atlas Sound)

Recommended tracks: Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox), Sheila, Attic Lights, Quick Canal (feat. Laetitia Sadier)

15. It’s Blitz! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)


Recommended tracks: Zero, Heads Will Roll, Runaway, Skeletons

14. Ambivalence Avenue (Bibio)

Recommended tracks: Fire Ant, Lovers’ Carvings, S’vive

13. Middle Cyclone (Neko Case)

Recommended tracks: This Tornado Loves You, People Got A Lotta Nerve, Never Turn Your Back on Mother Nature, Magpie To The Morning

12. Dark Was The Night (Various Artists)

Recommended tracks: Knotty Pine (Dirty Projectors + David Byrne), You Are The Blood (Sufjan Stevens), So Far Around The Bend (The National), El Caporal (My Morning Jacket), Hey, Snow White (The New Pornographers)

11. Veckatimest (Grizzly Bear)

Recommended tracks: While You Wait for the Others, Two Weeks, Southern Point, Cheerleader

10. Bitte Orca (Dirty Projectors)

Recommended tracks: Cannibal Resource, Stillness is the Move, Useful Chamber

9. Get Guilty (A.C. Newman)

Recommended tracks: There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve…, Like A Hitman Like A Dancer, Prophets, Elemental

8. Time To Die (The Dodos)

Recommended tracks: Two Medicines, Fables, Small Deaths

7. Dragonslayer (Sunset Rubdown)

Recommended tracks: Idiot Heart, Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!, Nightingale / December Song

6. Clues (Clues)

Recommended tracks: Perfect Fit, Approaching the Throne, Ledmonton, Remember Severed Head

5. Tarot Sport (Fuck Buttons)

Recommended tracks: Surf Solar, Olympians, Space Mountain, Flight of the Feathered Serpent

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Phoenix)

Recommended tracks: Lisztomania, 1901, Girlfriend, Lasso, Countdown (Sick for the Big Sun)

3. Psychic Chasms (Neon Indian)

Recommended tracks: Deadbeat Summer, (If I knew, I’d tell you), Should have taken acid with you, Mind, Drips, Psychic Chasms

2. The xx (The xx)

Recommended tracks: VCR, Crystalised, Heart Skipped A Beat, Basic Space

1. Merriweather Post Pavilion / Fall Be Kind (Animal Collective)

Recommended tracks: Summertime Clothes, Lion In A Coma, Brother Sport, What Would I Want? Sky, Graze, Taste

Honorable Mention:

Favorite Reissues: Crazy Rhythms / The Good Earth (The Feelies)

Going hey hey hey hey hey hey hey, as Mr Coppola sings.



1. masturmind - December 28, 2009

ehem ehem. one more time with feeling…



2. Richard Bolisay - December 29, 2009

hoy jade, bago ka mangaway, bukod sa aminado ka rin namang hipster, yung utang mo munang kape! kahit di ako nagkakape. hehe. yung links, kapag nag-online ka na ulit, lagi kang wala e.

3. masturmind - December 29, 2009

di ko nakakalimutan ang utang ko sayo. iniisip ko pa kung juice, sago, o protein shake na lang. hindi ko pa kasi matanggap na kid a imbes na funeral.

4. Jayclops - February 14, 2010

ida-download ko to chard! dahan2! thanks for the list pati ung decades long mo din haha. btw, i dropped by cine adarna last wk of January when i was there in mla. first time there, in UP campus too. they showed Jay by FX Pasion. Napaka-coincidence diba? Hehe

5. Richard Bolisay - February 14, 2010

Hi Jay, mas maganda yung coincidence kung nagustuhan mo yung film. Hehe. And btw, Oscars na! How disappointed were you? Parang common feeling na yun bawat taon. (How’s working in Manila?)

6. Jayclops - February 21, 2010

Ya, I liked it. I was laughing, sometimes shaking my head, because it was really good and refreshing. There were just few of us in the videotheque. I go to Mla lang on official trips. Speaking of Oscars, yeah it is indeed. Very underwhelming. As usual, it’s always the best marketed film not the deserved. There are few ups though, Carey Mulligan being one, District 9 in the best pic (and that’s because they got it back to 10, like how’s that!). If I’m to pick right now, I’d give it to IB and the director nod to Quentin.

7. Richard Bolisay - February 23, 2010

Yeah, how’s that for ten. We’re in the 30s! Would have been good if the films were all good, not meh. And I’m sure, despite we loving the film to the highest, we both concede that neither Basterds nor Quentin will win. Hehe. And yay for enjoying Jay! It’s a good film.

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