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Surreal Random MMS Texts for a Mother, a Sister, and a Wife Who Longs for You: Landscape with Figures (Christopher Gozum, 2008) March 1, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Noypi, Short Cuts.

Directed by Christopher Gozum
“Landscape With Figures” by Carlos Bulosan

Case in point: Un Chien Andalou. 1929. Luis Buñuel. Salvador Dali. Famous for its opening scene. Buñuel sharpens his razor. Looks at the moon. Slices through the eye of a woman. The audience in Paris. Loved it. Breton and his surrealist movement. Embraced it. Pure psychic automatism. The real functioning of thought. The absence of all control exercised by reason. The omnipotence of dream. The disinterested play of thought. Without conscious self-censorship. Favoring revolutionary. Preferring scandalous. Cadavre exquis. Landmark surrealist then. Landmark surrealist till now. Parse it. And it still is. Surreal. Automatic.

Case in point: Surreal Random MMS Texts para ed Ina, Agui tan Kaamong ya Makaiiliw ed Sika: Gurgurlis ed Banua. 2008. Christopher Gozum. Not famous. Seldom seen. Rarely exhibited. Features an eye being poked. A needle. Eye bleeds. Cinemanila. Loved it. Alexis Tioseco. Championed it. Not surreal. Despite the eye being poked. Despite the randomness. Despite the functioning of thought. Despite the contingent images. Technological automatism. Not surreal. Actual reason involved. No actual treachery committed. The use of Bulosan’s poem. The voice. The pixels. Not surreal. Gozum deems surrealism irrelevant. Not his cup of tea. Because. It is sentimental. Surrealism. Cannot function with. Sentimentality. Contrarian without conscious self-censorship. Favoring culture. Preferring advocacy. Avoir le mérite d’être explicite. Sans équivoque. What to call it? Do we call home? Home is a foreign address, / every step toward it is a step toward three hundred years / of exile from the truth. . . Home is nowhere. Does it matter what to call it?



1. critic after jizz - March 1, 2010

man you’re becoming to sound like dodo dayao

2. Richard Bolisay - March 10, 2010

one way of saying i wish dodo would keep on reviewing films again.

3. drlightbearer - May 20, 2010

Where did you get to watch this? So sad I missed Anacbanua at the Tioseco-Bohinc screening

4. drlightbearer - May 20, 2010

by the way, richard, can you tell me your views on this short film:


5. Richard Bolisay - May 21, 2010

uy! i saw this when they screened Anacbanua at UP Film Center. sige panoorin ko yan, teka. salamat! :)

6. drlightbearer - May 21, 2010

thanks richard. tell me your views on it

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