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Pimping Kino Punch! April 20, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Noypi, Short Cuts.

Pimping it partly because Oggs and I are in it, partly because it is presented and designed beautifully, and partly because it matters.

A film magazine was something I dreamt of doing but never managed to accomplish in my college years—I’m the most stupid Film student then, I tell you—and there’s simply no way I could get around doing it that time, armed with nothing but a dream.

Not that I can do it now. Seriously, that’s why I blog—I don’t know how to command such project very well. But these guys—these guys from my org in college—have made it. And I feel proud to be part of it. Not only it looks cool, it reads cool. Of course there are a few typos here and there, but that’s not the point, is it? The design is far from amateur. They write, and they publish! They have film events, and they launch them! (Well, looking back, I was such a dork member then that I was too alien to events that involved people.) Second issue, I’m sure, will be a whole lot better. More articles too, I hope, as well as more funds.

On what’s inside, Whammy Alcazaren has some interesting points on criticism, which may be a little difficult to grasp but they hit the point nevertheless. There is also a personal feature on Mercedes Cabral by Joenathann Alandy, which to my surprise, is really very personal. Reviews of Cinemanila and Cinemalaya films are there, as well as the finalists in Piling Obrang Vidyo (SIX), an annual video competition of UP Cinema. And there’s this conversation with Truffaut in the vernacular, which turns out to be . . . well, I won’t spoil.

Get the issue if you can. If not, wait for the next. Whammy, if you read this, sorry, I actually mistook you for someone else. That’s why I acted and talked weird. Ha-ha.

Anyway, Kino Punch and UP Cinema for the win! Awesome effort.



1. lightning catcher - April 20, 2010

Good job! Congratulations. Hope I can find a copy somewhere soon.

2. Richard Bolisay - April 20, 2010

Thanks! Whammy would know where that somewhere is.

3. critic after jizz - April 21, 2010

san ba nabibili ito pre

4. Richard Bolisay - April 21, 2010

hi, di ko sigurado e. ang alam ko libre siya. balitaan kita rito pag lumabas na yung Second Issue nila.

5. the bakla review - April 21, 2010

yes please tell us where to find it.

6. Richard Bolisay - April 22, 2010

Will ask.

7. AD! - April 24, 2010

wow! great great stufff chard!

8. whammy - April 26, 2010

Hey! Thanks for the pimping.

It’s only available in Bookay Ukay so far. We’re still working on other venues. But i’ll give you additional copies for your own disposal.

Issue Dos is already in the works. Hope you can still help regardless of the typos! I know there are a lot. Haha.


9. Richard Bolisay - April 27, 2010

Naman! Syempre! Just email.

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