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On love at first (might) May 26, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Whatever.

((( a moment of happiness, a kiss to somerset, a fever when summer sets

like a (happiness of) moment, a somerset to kiss, (a summer) when fever never sets.

but heartbreak knows no age (no sex) and no truth. it only (knows) hurt(s)—

Johnny Cash hurt, crown of thorns, broken thoughts, stains of time, stairs of dime, stares of mime. it buries the (third) man—

the (third) man, yes the (third) man. the (third) man that is only a memory of a (third) man, bereft of moment and (happiness) of kiss and (somerset) of

fever and (and and and nothing else) )))



1. dodo dayao - May 27, 2010

wasak ‘to chard. bravo. :)

2. Richard Bolisay - May 27, 2010

yay, salamat!

3. Matahari going places - November 17, 2011

very nice

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