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The Tioseco-Bohinc Film Series Presents “Vapor Trail (Clark)” June 26, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Invitation.

July 4, 2010, Sunday, 2:00 PM, U-View Theatre. Admission is FREE!

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker and Emerson College Professor John Gianvito’s new film is a devastating and insightful condemnation of the dangerous U.S. military practices that have recklessly exposed an entire community in the Philippines to a host of fatal toxins. Centered around an abandoned U.S. military base, Gianvito’s gripping exploration of the military’s lack of regulation and responsibility uses the horrific environmental contamination as a starting point for a meditation on the crippling effects of colonialism and unchecked militarism. A skillful melding of cinema-vérité, interviews, historical texts and landscape photography, Vapor Trail is a unique and urgent political intervention.

While Vapor Trail (Clark) focuses principally upon the repercussions of Clark Air Force Base closing, Gianvito is currently editing a companion work, Vapor Trail (Subic), which examines the effects of the Subic Naval Base, also located in the Philippines.

Curators for this screening are Oggs Cruz, Dodo Dayao, and Richard Bolisay.

“On John Gianvito and Vapor Trail (Clark)” by Keith Uhlich



1. Edward Copeland - June 28, 2010

As I have become the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, I’m now passing that honor onto you.

2. daleasis - February 17, 2011

Hello Richard,

Great review! I posted your review in my blog as well:

Dale Asis

3. Richard Bolisay - February 17, 2011

Hi Dale,

I forgot to note that it’s not my review but the text we used to promote the film when we screened it last year. But anyway, thanks! Good luck on the screening on the 17th. I hope many will come.

Best regards.

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