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Gin Blossoms Live in Manila, November 18, 2010 November 24, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Fanboy, Music, Whatever.

Photo credit: Kris Aquino

That night I wasn’t in shape for reminiscing. In September I was truly looking forward to it, re-listening to some songs and even singing one in videoke, but October came and all these wicked things happened, and I no longer felt excited about anything. I may have to learn how to get by with little snatches of glee, because there I was, at the Gin Blossoms concert, with my good friend Kriz, close to the stage, bobbing our heads, rasing our hands, and touched by Robin Wilson’s sincerity as he said “We’ve been to many cities, but you guys are the friendliest, warmest people we’ve ever met” and we just yelled in agreement. “Follow You Down” kicked things off and the band was obviously pleased with the crowd. Robin was not only happy—he was overjoyed. It was nice of him to join the group in front, waving back to those who waved to him, grabbing mobile phones and singing directly to them, shaking hands, throwing the tambourine, taking pictures. He was such a contagious ball of good vibes. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the time too, even if some of the songs—“here’s another brand new track!”—were a little obscure, and Kriz and I just stood there waiting for another familiar song. “Till I Hear it from You” was a little disappointing, the arrangement quite different. Anyhow I still shuddered upon hearing those brilliant lines in the refrain. There were moments when I felt my feet hurt, moments when I felt sad looking at Araneta’s old and unmaintained facilities, moments when looking at Marian and Dingdong cuddling each other stupidly cheered me up. But the only time I lit up, like all the people around me came close and hugged me, was when “Hey Jealousy” played. It was Gin Blossoms’ finest song, penned by their original guitarist and songwriter, Doug Hopkins, who, alcoholic and depressive, was dismissed from the band and committed suicide a few weeks after New Miserable Experience became a hit. I thought of Doug as Robin sang“Hey Jealousy,” for one second realizing how he must have felt while writing it, empty and hopeless, and there I was, sobbing, walking between happiness and misery and not knowing which way to choose. Fun was the night—until I fell away.



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