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After the Excrement Hit the Air-conditioning* December 10, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Noypi, Whatever.
  1. In Philippine cinema, there are more critics of critics than critics.
  2. When I said in an interview that Lav Diaz is Philippine cinema, I think I unintentionally pronounced it as Love The Ass.
  3. Define Philippine cinema in three words. “I don’t know.” “I’m not sure.” “Who effing cares?”
  4. Auteurs are hipsters. Hi Godard! Hi Truffaut! Tse.
  5. On second thought, Wenn Deramas is an auteur.
  6. Ray Gibraltar made the right decision accepting Brod.
  7. Want an audience? Make gay films. They listen.
  8. I always enter the gift shop at CCP but I never buy anything.
  9. Cinemalaya is OK, as long as these people don’t promote themselves as messiahs. O me sayad?
  10. Year after year, Cinemalaya entries are starting to look alike in terms of tone and treatment. Yes, mga kambal sa uma.
  11. Doing five films a year means you don’t read books that much or you want to reach some kind of dumb record.
  12. It always happens that I’d be asked, politely and impolitely, to leave the theater because of talking aloud. Once, I was even alone. Guess the film.
  13. From The Auteurs to Mubi?
  14. Someone with bad taste and good writing skills is always better than someone with good taste and bad writing skills.
  15. Because good taste is overrated. And good writing is rare.
  16. Down with the prosaic!
  17. Admit it, you felt bad when the blogger didn’t reply to your comment.
  18. Admit it too, your comment is only about yourself.
  19. Gossips about filmmakers and their production staff are oftentimes more interesting than the films themselves.
  20. Cinemanila is still the best festival in the city, bar none.

*apologies to Kurt V.



1. AD! - December 10, 2010


2. dodo dayao - December 10, 2010

Amen but Amener to #14 and to #15,too. Fuck Inception, lesgow uphold Piranha 3D!

3. Epoy - December 24, 2010

Amen amen amen

4. ayn - January 1, 2011

lol, yes to everything^^

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