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Best Music Videos of 2010 December 23, 2010

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Music Videos, Yearender.

AND THE LIST CONTINUES >> Click the picture to watch video.

12. “Barbra Streisand”
Duck Sauce
Dir. So Me

11. “Sea Talk”
Zola Jesus
Dir. Jacqueline Castel

10. “I Feel Better”
Hot Chip
Dir. Peter Serafinowicz

9. “Giving Up the Gun”
Vampire Weekend
Dir. The Malloys

8. “Window Seat”
Erykah Badu
Dir. Coodie

7. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”
Dir. Todd Edwards

6. “Bang Bang Bang”/”The Bike Song”
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl
Dir. Warren Fu

5. “It’s Working”
Dir. So Me

4. “Twin Flames”
Dir. Saam Farahmand

3. “Christmas Lights”
Dir. Mat Whitecross

2. “We Used to Wait”
Arcade Fire
Dir. Chris Milk (“The Wilderness Downtown”)

1. “This Too Shall Pass”/”White Knuckles”
Dir. James Frost, OK Go, and Syyn Labs/Trish Sie and OK Go



1. Animalolxx - December 23, 2010

Coldplay´s video is pretty average.

Oval is not as popular as these bands but his video for Ah! is a bit special. not many people have seen it, I guess.

2. megan - December 23, 2010

Super like this list!

Nagulat ako, kasama yung Barbara Streisand, hehe. Bad trip na yung mga utol ko sa akin kasi nung una syang nilabas, literal na nagpakalunod ako sa kanta. Pati sila kasali, hahaha.

At yung Klaxons, me friend ako na nakita pa lang yung screenshot, ayaw nang panuorin, hahaha.

At syemps, Mark Ronson, hihi. LSS ko rin yan. Je te plumerai la, tete.

3. megan - December 23, 2010

At syempre Vampire Weekend. May Ezra with a red headband ka na, may Jake ka pa, may Joe Jonas ka pa. What’s not to love? <3

At syempre yung Arcade Fire. Kaboom.

At yung White Knuckles! Gusto ko ipagawa sa mga aso ko yan, hahaha.

Yung Hot Chip, akala ng isa kong utol boy band talaga kaya never nya tinapos panuorin haha.

4. Richard Bolisay - December 24, 2010

Hi Animalolxx,

Thank you for the recommendation. I dig the intimacy of the video. Nice ambient music too.

And yeah, Coldplay’s there for sentimental reasons, but good enough reason for me. Beautiful song.

5. Richard Bolisay - December 24, 2010

Megan! Haha add that to the closeup of Ezra’s lips. Am sure that didn’t escape you, did it? And a tennis music video is quite rare.

Duck Sauce: the cameos made me laugh. Deadly Kanye face, and that creepy/funny Barbra impersonation. Plus, hooky track! And of course, you know I’m into DJs. Love those two.

Klaxons came up with another basura album hehe but still this one’s unmissable. Baka conservative yung kaibigan mo. Orgee! Human centipede!

Mark Ronson’s hair! Sarap maging bike. ♪ ♪ Gonna ride my bike until I get home ♫ ♫

Ang saya saya nung sa Hot Chip! From flashy boy band to sci-fi/horror!

Ano mas gusto mo, etong Wilderness Downtown o yung ke Spike Jonze? Mas tinamaan ako dito e. Napasigaw ako nung lumabas yung mga puno.

Ikaw naman! Mga paborito mo!

6. Jayclops - December 27, 2010

No Runaway, Chard? Hehe. Parang Black Swan lang din. Hahaha. And oh, Giving up the Gun of course ang ringtone of 2010 ko. And of course Mark Ronson, my favorite person of the year. I like that video but I like sa song naman Somebody to love me, more. Hehe

7. Richard Bolisay - December 28, 2010

If I won’t control myself, Kanye will be crowding all my lists. Hehe. I enjoyed the new Ronson record. Plenty of guests as usual. How are you doing?

8. Jayclops - December 28, 2010

Oh and Power was megalomaniacal too haha. I’m fine. Actually not. Apparently, I’m ending the year in sickness. Spent Christmas eve with a fever, for 3 days and a headache, then now colds naman. Jeez.

9. Richard Bolisay - December 28, 2010

“power” is love at first listen. but I’m rooting for that rihanna cameo. blasting chorus, awesome verses, just like the others.

oh, hindi ka naman sakitin? sayaw sayaw para gumaling! o kaya kabisaduhin mo yung “monster” bilang therapy waha.

10. Jayclops - December 28, 2010

the wrath of the stressful year was brought down upon me this last week of 2010. what a way. what a way to end it. sasayaw na lang ako mag-isa ala robyn. or funky naman ala janelle monae in tightrope or di kaya just give the nuisance of 2010 a big fuck you ala cee-lo green. tapos maghe-head trip with crystallised with the xx. ang tindi. haha.

11. Richard Bolisay - December 29, 2010

emo overload! yeah i understand, “fembots have feelings too.” waha. at payo nga ng black keys, tighten up.

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