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Aliwan Paradise circa 2011: Willie Revillame’s New Record Low March 30, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Shame, TV.

Ang Empresaryo sa Aliwan Paradise (Southern Winds, 1993)

Ang Empresaryo sa Willing Willie (TV5, 2011)

After watching that video entitled “Willing Willie feat. JAN-JAN ang batang ASTIG sumayaw! (March 12, 2011)” I can’t help but bounce between sorriness and rage. I’ve seen a whole lot of Wowowee episodes before—my incredible idleness allowing me to stomach three hours of misogynistic and homophobic remarks from Willie—but this particular clip is just way beyond infuriating: It’s utterly disgusting.

It’s a masterpiece of foul TV hosting, a ten-minute display of social realism treated so mundane and harrowing, it unsettles any sensible viewer no end. Also, as a documentary filled with many highlights—exhibited by that unbelievable flow of interest among its four subjects: Jan-Jan, Willie, Jan-Jan’s aunt, and the supportive audience—its final moment hits the hardest. It’s a scene worthy of comparison to the opening sequence of Burlesk Queen, or to Allan Paule’s miserable dance in Macho Dancer, only the person I see in Willing Willie is a six-year old Julio Madiaga, not from Brocka’s film but from Mike de Leon’s parody of it: Aliwan Paradise.

Every word from the movie’s sensational tagline fits: “Hindi tradisyonal! Hindi basta bago kundi higit pa sa bago! Bagong bago!” Also, it’s not unlikely that the film’s closing statements, delivered by the great Empresaryo Johnny Delgado, are the foundation of Willie Revillame’s cre(e)d:

(1) “Nasa paglalantad ng ating tunay na kalagayan ang bagong bagong aliwan. At ang bagong bagong entertainer, marunong gumamit ng kahirapan.”

(2) “Mayaman tayo sa kahirapan. Kaya ito dapat ang gawin nating puhunan. Napakahalagang natural resource nito. Kaya gawing aliwan ang kahirapan. . . nang pagkakitaan.”

(3) “Madaling mapaganda ang kahirapan. Konting packaging lang, ayos na! At ang export potential? Heavy! Tunay na produkto ng Third World. At kahit burahin pa nila ang Third World sa bokabularyo, hindi nila maiaalis ang kahirapan.” (Doy del Mundo)

As consumers of this unique type of entertainment, we have become responsible for Jan-Jan, for the damage the show has done to him in mere ten minutes, the extent of which he will never grasp at his age, nor his aunt cheering him as he dirty dances, but whose effect will linger for the rest of his life. The uploader of the video, titling it like that, literal and straightforward, like it’s a negligible case of wholesome comedy, may have not realized the storm it would cause. But then again: it’s Aliwan Paradise.

Why don’t we go ahead and send this film to Cannes?



1. KZ - April 1, 2011

I remember Aliwan Paradise. I have yet to see the Jan-Jan episode. Just the thought of it makes me not want to watch it.

2. Epoy - April 1, 2011

Ui, aliwan. di ko pa rin nagagalaw yung dvd ko nito. hehe. panuorin ko muna. ganda ng write-up chardd.

3. Richard Bolisay - April 4, 2011

hi kz. :)

thanks epoy. panoorin mo na!

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