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M/V L/P: Überlin (R.E.M., 2011) March 31, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Music Videos.

[Watch video]

Alternate titles: (1) “I’m So High” (2) “Kick (my) Ass” (3) “I Love Banksy! Banksy Who?”

I’m trying to make a lousy connection, but after the phenomenal video for “Lotus Flower,” there seems to be an unspeakable market for trying-hard-but-awkwardly-handsome danseurs to appear in music videos.

The promotional material for R.E.M.’s second single from Collapse Into Now, “Überlin,” features Aaron Johnson sashaying across the street, waltzing and prancing, insinuating that he’s too sexy for his shirt and pants. Upon watching him gyrating like that, confident and clean shaven, well, isn’t he really too sexy? It’s an amusing collaboration between Aaron and his wife, Spike Jonze being an obvious inspiration, but if you’re straight, I understand why it makes you vomit.

Christophen Walken shouts in the background: “Hey Brotha, I Want My Moves Back!” Actually, instead of trying to answer Jonathan Ross’ questions, Aaron should’ve done this.



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