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Radio Dept. in Manila, April 20, 2011 April 21, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music.

The scene formed in my head the way clouds trod the vast expanse of the sky: indistinct shapes of cotton moved waywardly over the deepest shade of azure, holding onto each other, letting go upon the blow of wind.

On one side of the audience I’d be standing with some friends, making senseless jokes, bobbing my head, shaking my hips lightly, mouthing incomprehensible lyrics. At some point I’d be looking at the crowd beside and behind me, not too many people, but enough to make me feel at ease, all of us dreaming the same dream, closing our eyes to relish every detail of it. The moment the band walked on the stage, grabbed their instruments, and acknowledged our presence, my heart would jump in anticipation, happy but not overjoyed, eager but not overly excited. And there: blank.

The show would last for more than an hour, Johan too shy to say anything aside from “Thank you” after each song, but for some reason it would feel longer, or rather, the whole moment would seem to exist beyond time, outside the confines of the occasion, falling against the tide. The gig would be short but perfect, too beautiful to capture in writing, too vague to be proven real. But I’d be there. I’d witness it. I’d have a CD signed and a picture taken. I’d shake Johan’s hand and say, “You were awesome.” I’d be stupid. I’d be a fan.

That’s the way I imagined the Radio Dept. concert while walking around Cubao and listening to Lesser Matters for the nth time two months ago. And that’s how it happened last night. I swear that’s how it happened.



1. megan - April 21, 2011

Surreal pa rin. :D

2. Richard Bolisay - April 21, 2011

happyhappyjoyjoy. waiting for your lovely entry on it. :)

3. Heaven’s on Fa-fa-fayurrr (Radio Dept in Manila) « hmmbivalent - April 21, 2011

[…] while I shouldn’t be surprised every time this happens, a friend and I were utterly frustrated and disappointed that our city was bypassed again after watching this […]

4. may ramos - April 25, 2011

did you also imagine saying “hi, my name is richard” to johan? hehe. fuuuuun!!

5. Richard Bolisay - April 25, 2011

Oo! Plakadong plakado ang nangyari, haha.

6. Hästen - April 27, 2011

You stopped making sense: http://youtu.be/LeHft0C4c8c

7. Isabel - May 23, 2011

Do you still remember the setlist? Please please let me know what songs they sang! Avid fan and I missed it :( Was out of the country

8. Richard Bolisay - May 24, 2011

Hi! This one I stole from the Net:

“Radio Dept. live in Manila / April 20, 2011 / Hard Rock Cafe

Domestic Scene
This Time Around
New Improved Hypocrisy
Keen on Boys
Freddie and the Trojan Horse
Lost and Found
I Wanted You to Feel the Same
The Worst Taste in Music
Heaven’s on Fire
Never Follow Suit
Closing Scene

Why Won’t You Talk About it”

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