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2011 in Music: April Tweets April 29, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Twitter Reviews.

A new writing thing, since I am too lazy to write reviews in long-form, and there seems to be no time to do anything when you have a day job. Also, since I’m on Twitter almost every day, why not take advantage of it? Thanks to Chris Weingarten and his landmark rant on current music for the inspiration.



(32) LASERS/Lupe Fiasco: has more hits than misses, and even the misses, especially the many attempts to sound relevant, are interesting #7

(31) WELL SPENT YOUTH/Isolée: microhouse n. (1) a subgenre of house and glitch music (2) reminds you of breadcrumbs (3) tastes like breadcrumbs #4

(30) VIOLET CRIES/Esben and The Witch: the sound of bats making love in a cave #7.5

(29) ANGLES/The Strokes: been there done that snoozefest, like the last interpol #5

(28) LUCKY STREET/Go Radio: fallout boys panicking at the disco, all american rejects on red jumpsuit apparatus. you get the idea #5

(27) NINE TYPES OF LIGHT/TV on the Radio: littered with flights of formidable dancey-fancey and uneven shades of blue(s) lingering between immense and intense #9

(26) APOCALYPSE/Bill Callahan: bill swivels words like a samurai swinging a sword, careful, purposeful, always mindful of his comic shadow #8.5

(25) HOUSE OF BALLOONS/The Weeknd: doesn’t turn me on. m i nt gay? #5

(24) EP/Childish Gambino: glover couldn’t stop himself from spilling too many references to account for his half-empty rap talent #4.5

(23) TOMBOY/Panda Bear: noah brings the fun and bore of his experiments. though calling some tracks “parsley” or “artichoke” might have helped #8

(22) THE BIG ROAR/The Joy Formidable: broken social scene on weed. with emphasis on weed, which makes all the difference #7.5

(21) TOO BEAUTIFUL TO WORK/The Luyas: a mesmerizing title track that flows deep and cathartic, only it gets spoiled midway through the mush #5.5

(20) FEMME FATALE/Britney Spears: her producers are so keen on proving she still has it, the album only leaves plenty of rooms for doubt #6

(19) MEYRIN FIELDS/Broken Bells: a pair of geeks is doing a quickie and hipsterland is having a field day once again. #6.5

(18) WHAT A PLEASURE/Beach Fossils: tunes flying out the window. EP living up to its name like a brothafucka #7.5

(17) TAKE CARE, TAKE CARE, TAKE CARE/Explosions in the Sky: infrastructure will collapse. #8.5

(16) UNLEARN/Fergus & Geronimo: some hobos want to add you on facebook #4

(15) COLLAPSE INTO NOW/R.E.M.: it’ll be weird if we call this best new music, right? #7

(14) PALACE/Chapel Club: the rotters’ club is accepting new members #7.5

(13) SHAOLIN VS. WU-TANG/Raekwon: seven samurai in full color. also, THX. #7.5

(12) CAPE DORY/Tennis: i’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. literally. #5

(11) ZONOSCOPE/Cut Copy: odd blood with less odd than blood. #7

(10) WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM THE VACCINES?/The Vaccines: best track is 1:24 long and my hipster hips kick to say: C86! but not much further #7

(9) BUILD A ROCKET BOYS!/Elbow: blame it on the exclamation point for squeezing too much sublimity #6.5

(8) RITUAL/White Lies: note to self: delete from ipod. #2.5

(7) HUNGER/Frankie & the Heartstrings: the monitor lite. guns of brixton circa 1939. #7

(6) SAFARI DISCO CLUB/Yelle: yelle is playing at my house. door opens at 10 P.M. road’s closed until 5. keep the knives away from la roux #8.5

(5) SUBMARINE OST/Alex Turner: alex has been waiting for you in his bed for 20 minutes now. why play hard to get? #7

(4) NO COLOR/The Dodos: the long and short of it is that the dodos are not yet extinct #8

(3) WOUNDED RHYMES/Lykke Li: hello lykke. jodorowsky might have liked you, but i really miss your youth #6.5

(2) RAVEDEATH, 1972/Tim Hecker: ambient archi that almost comes close to eno or jarre but hecker knows when to call the cry police #8.5

(1) ONEIROLOGY/CunninLynguists: beats, rhythm, flow, and concept work, but missing is a sense of coherence. nine more months to find that #7



1. RM - May 3, 2011

pareng Richard, maiba lang,a. Tuwing binabalikan ko yung Sputnik Sweetheart ni H.Murakami, naiimagine kita. Minsan kay K, o kay Sumire. Parang may imahe sila na ikaw.. Wala lang….hehe


Abangan ko yung Norwegian Wood movie review mo ( o kung meron man, hanapin ko).. late na ko kasi last week ko lang napanood ‘yon..hehe

2. Richard Bolisay - May 3, 2011

Sa akin kasi sila binase ni Murakami. Lol joke. Iyak ako nang iyak nung binabasa ko yun. As in may mga tulo ng luha sa mga pahina. Lol. Pero parang mas ako si K. Naghihintay sa wala. Hindi masabi ang nararamdaman. Yung Sumire ko, manhid! Wahaha ang drama!


Hindi ko pa napapanood Norwegian Wood. Napakabusy sa buhay nakakainis. At saka yung meetup natin! Permanente ka na ba dyan sa schedule mo?

3. libidoatlikido - May 3, 2011

kakauwi ko lang Naspi pards.. pag di ako nagreply may assignment ako kay Capitalista boss. basta text mo lang ako..

bast mula ngayon ikaw na si K. o ‘yung isa sa Dance, Dance, Dance..

4. Richard Bolisay - May 3, 2011

Sosyal. Galing kang Japan?

Ako na lang si Noboru Watanabe. Laging nawawala. Haha. Oks, teks teks!

5. libidoatlikido - May 3, 2011

Masaya lang ang out of NASPI kapag a) hindi ka aatend ng convention at buburuhin sa hotel b)kapag alam mong kailangan ka ng kumpanya at di dahil mas makakatipid sila sayo (higher managers kasi demanding, lalo na yung mga taga UA&P at Ateneo grad)

anyway. teks teks pards.

6. Richard Bolisay - May 3, 2011

So, ang ibig sabihin: hindi ka masaya. LOL. kuwento kuwento!

7. libidoatlikido - May 3, 2011

company chismis to..pag nagkita na lang tayo..nagbabasa din sayo yung iba kong opismeyts.hehe

8. Jayclops - May 8, 2011

gustong-gusto ko ang Killer Crane and Will Do. Gusto ko din yung Post Breakup Sex and If You Wanna.

9. Richard Bolisay - May 9, 2011

Me too (on both albums). But oftentimes I dig “No Future Shock” for its killer dance chops. At syempre, “Post Breakup Sex” is my favorite song title of the year. No love for “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)”?

10. Jayclops - May 9, 2011

oh yeah. the 1:24 song. haha

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