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2011 in Music: May Tweets May 31, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music.

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(59) LIFE LOVE & THE MUSIC/Karen Esco: soul is always threatening, but karen simply hikes up her skirt and licks our bruises oh so sweetly #7

(58) ARABIA MOUNTAIN/Black Lips: a series of sixteen fortunate events rolled in one screwball “season finale” #7.5

(57) THE BUTCHER/SUPERCOLLIDER/Radiohead: the eraser bonus tracks #6

(56) BORN THIS WAY/Lady Gaga: high-fiving a million angels! http://bit.ly/mUit45 #7

(55) KAPUTT/Destroyer: dan bejar’s sweet nothings and dilly-dallies inflict wounds like broken shards of poetry #7

(54) SUCK IT AND SEE/Arctic Monkeys: the makings of a splendid album: classic cover, come-hither tunes, old school swag #8

(53) BLUE SUICIDE/Coma Cinema: shiny happy melodies for lazy lonely travelers #7.5

(52) JAMES BLAKE/James Blake: not that i mind, but this record has loads of this http://bit.ly/juEw0g a toss between “boys” and “voice” then? #5.5

(51) SO BEAUTIFUL OR SO WHAT/Paul Simon: “dear dad, you still got it. lovelots, harper” #7.5

(50) IS GROWING FAITH/White Fence: happiness is a warm gun #7

(49) ASLEEP ON THE FLOODPLAIN/Six Organs of Admittance: silky babbles floating on heavenward guitars and luminous reverb/echo baths #6.5

(48) PAST LIFE MARTYRED SAINTS/EMA: ghosts escape from the machine and turn every sound into epiphany and every confession into scripture #9

(47) COMMON ERA/Belong: you’d be surprised how articulate drones can be #7

(46) THE JANUARY EP/Here We Go Magic: brimming with colors, lacking in whirlpool #6

(45) MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU/Acid House Kings: full of belle-and-sebastian and saint-etienne dreamy ditties drowned in candied twee #6

(44) THAO & MIRAH/Thao & Mirah: two hot girls do harmonies that leap over high hurdles before exiting with a big hug #7.5

(43) HELPLESSNESS BLUES/Fleet Foxes: tracks saunter like a parade of shooting stars falling slowly from a pitch-black night sky #8

(42) THE KING OF LIMBS/Radiohead: suck it hard and see how a mix of vim and hankering drips from its seductive mess #8.5

(41) ALL ETERNALS DECK/The Mountain Goats: funny, sad, emotional, exasperating. john darnielle’s songwriting never gets old #7.5

(40) HIGH MAINTENANCE/Miranda Cosgrove: another proof that bubblegum pop has reached its peak with josie and the pussycats #3

(39) GUARDS EP/Guards: new adventures in lo-fi brimming with rent-a-drool smiles, fizzling like ice-cold coke on a cloudy summer’s day #7.5

(38) PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: SINGLES 2002-2010/The Radio Dept.: fourteen singles and fourteen b-sides sailing from rapture to rupture #8

(37) ANGELINE QUINTO/Angeline Quinto: record’s obviously rushed, but she manages to shine on at least 3 songs. minus 2 stars for the remixes #5

(36) EUPHORIC HEARTBREAK/Glasgow: part-stadium music, part-teleplay. blood, tears, and gold ra ra ra #6.5

(35) RAVEN IN THE GRAVE/The Raveonettes: too cold for comfort. half of the record too fleeting to be noticed #5

(34) MEET ME IN MIRAMAS/Matthew Friedberger: writing talent undiminished. guitars on high amounts of crack. subtle subdued subliminal firework #7.5

(33) NAPOLEONETTE/Matthew Friedberger: the piano is a monster and it’s going to eat you up. a dazzling opus raining cities & colors #9




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