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In the Name of Love (Olivia Lamasan, 2011) June 25, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Dance, Noypi.

Directed by Olivia Lamasan
Written by Olivia Lamasan, Enrico Santos
Cast: Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin, Jake Cuenca

What pisses me off after watching In the Name of Love is that there is completely no effort to make it a good film. From start to finish we are treated like leeches, the producers expecting us to suck any preposterous turn of plot or display of utter dumbness they offer to us. Its obnoxiousness is full of wonders; it piles up scene after scene, flashback after flashback, becoming more prodigious once the motives of each character are revealed. Sometimes I pity myself for believing that the movie could possibly recover from its rubbishness.

Aga Muhlach and Angel Locsin do not only lack chemistry; they also lack the ability to persuade us that they are actors. People should stop spreading the word that Aga is a great actor because clearly he isn’t. Even in his celebrated movies (Miguelito: Ang Batang Rebelde, Bagets, Sana Maulit Muli), he is recognized mostly for his charm and not for the depth of his performances. In this film he has neither. On the other hand, when Phil Younghusband said in an interview that Angel is a terrific dancer, there is a possibility that he just wanted to score a blowjob. Because really: Angel is a hideous pole dancer, she has no idea what sensuality is, and her acting looks so awfully rehearsed she comes across as someone who deliberately mocks her so-called maturity. Jake Cuenca, at the very least, does not disappoint; his mere presence in the movie is strong proof that it is going to be bad.

Frankly, what do we have here? The attempt at social relevance does not hold water, the confrontations are hilariously staged, the lines are unbearable (“Hindi kita iniwan. Mas pinili ko lang mamatay para mabuhay ka!”), the music is ugly, and to top it off, Olivia Lamasan does not know how straight people make love (or have sex). Remember Jean Renoir’s famous quote from The Rules of the Game, “The terrible thing about this world is that everyone has his reasons”? The characters from In the Name of Love and the people who created them are either sick in the head or just plain gormless: their reasons are all terrible. The ending confirms that.



1. gina - June 25, 2011

What a jealous person you are! even great artists, like Lea Salonga, appreciated and highly commended the movie and its actors’ performance. Are you by any change, cut like Lino Broka to have such an authority on the field of filming and acting? Are you prized artist and have several award winning piece? or just an eccentric person whose judgement is not at all credible. Kawawa ka naman, such an unhappy person.

2. Tracy - June 25, 2011

^ Woah. Relax, lady.

Hi Richard. Never did it cross my mind to watch this film. But after reading this review, I just might — out of complete curiosity (armed with amusement and irony, of course). Your review boils; I love its honesty. Thanks for entertaining my night. Cheers!

3. Richard Bolisay - June 25, 2011

Oh, what a jealous person I am! And eccentric and unhappy! I could be a threat to Aga and Angel’s careers! Really, am I that dishonest? I guess I deserve such comment because I spent 160 pesos on such piece of crap and wrote about it. What a waste of life.

4. Richard Bolisay - June 25, 2011

Hi Tracy, thanks. Go watch it, but remember: you’ve been warned. :)

5. Carina - June 25, 2011

Buti nalang di ko pinanood ito. Akala ko matutuwa ako nang kahit konti (para pagtawanan), pero parang di yata OK i-risk.

6. KZ - June 25, 2011

Oh my. Hahaha. Because I cannot cook, I will not be able to tell bad-tasting food from amazing ones. Same logic. Anyways, that aside, Aga and Angel do not have chemistry. They may be actors on their own right, but together, not a good combination. Yun lang.

7. Richard Bolisay - June 25, 2011

Carina: Actually matatawa ka rin, tas maiiyak sa inis. Depende sa iyong personal background. Haha. Star Cinema fails when its films try to be socially relevant. Otherwise, especially yung rom-coms, ok naman.

8. Richard Bolisay - June 25, 2011

Spot-on metaphor KZ. Hindi man lang nakakaturn-on ang sex nila.

9. feelingira - June 27, 2011

nothing wrong with being honest (i too find the film bad!) but this review is not honesty, it’s diva-ness!

if you know film so much, go make one! wag kang magdiva-divahan, bakla. wala kang mga award! un lang.

10. feelingira - June 27, 2011

and if you tell me you don’t need to be a cook to know how to taste eggs, then i’ll tell you, even a 5 year old can do that. what he can’t do is make a good film. owkie?

11. feelingira - June 27, 2011

u can make an negative review, but make it more objective. wag mo ingalandakan ang yong pagkabakla. can you tell me your achievements?

na kesyo valedictorian ka? what else? for all of us to see. at nang ikaw naman ang mahusgahan namin.

12. Richard Bolisay - June 27, 2011

ateng feelingira, ayusin muna natin yung grammar natin bago mag-comment, OK? ang hirap intindihin e. wala pa nga akong award nyan, nagko-comment ka na. paano pa kung meron!

P.S. eto nga bakla nanghuhusga ka na. ano pang panghuhusga ang gusto mong gawin.

13. Age of Ballz - June 27, 2011

The world or at least the World Wide Web is filled with rabid fans who cannot and will not take any negative comment. They lash at you on a non-sequitur level. They’re quite a scary sub-human species, really.

14. feelingira - June 27, 2011

vakla, magkoment ka ba naman nito: and to top it off, Olivia Lamasan does not know how straight people make love (or have sex).

kaw ba alam mo? bago ka kasi manghusga, alamin mo muna bakla, para me credibility ka.

o san na ang listahan ng achievement mo? dati ka pang feeling e. di ka nagrerebyu, nang-ookray ka. tsura naman nito at feeling diva. yuck!

15. feelingira - June 27, 2011

korek, Age of Ballz. at ang pinakaexample ng they lash at you ay ang vaklang is richard bolisay na dati pang sobrang feeling. tsura naman.

16. feelingira - June 27, 2011

vakla, pano ba magsex ang mga straight? sige ngah!

17. Age of Ballz - June 27, 2011

Hi feelingira, I love the letter I between the G and R. Crass or should I say, CLAZZZZ!

I-sus? I-sus!

18. feelingira - June 27, 2011

ako din. and define crass? read this review. a crass review deserve a crass comments. i bet his divaness, richard bolisay, who happens to have a fb page dedicated to him in mockery, does know what crass we’re talking about because he doesn’t need to look further than the reflection in his mirror.

you just have to read all reviews of this divaness to know that he’s a one phony, malnourished critic-wannabe who doesn’t know what’s decency from snot. nuff said. now, let’s define crass — can you?

19. Petra - June 27, 2011

I am glad that you, Richard Bolisay, are not “by any change, [sic] cut like Lino Broka [sic] to have such an authority on [sic] the field of filming and acting,” because Lino Broka does not exist.

Basic grammar and spelling are the foundation of a good argument, QED. The next level, Miss Feelingira, is adhering to the values you call for. Dissing someone for supposedly being a diva is hypocrisy extreme 3000. Especially because you agree with the review’s main point: it was a bad film.

Don’t give us attitude about attitude when you aren’t saying anything new or constructive.

20. Richard Bolisay - June 27, 2011

hello feelingira, field day mo ngayon no? bilang diva na rin lang, hindi ko sasagutin ang mga tanong mo hangga’t hindi tama ang grammar, K? vous comprenez? bale wala pa akong sasagutin so far.

21. Targaryen - June 27, 2011


Wala ka namang alam gawin kung hindi mang-atake. Siguro pangit nga talaga iyong movie kasi kahit isang mabangong comment na tungkol sa pelikula wala kang mabanggit. Puro ka chechebureche.

22. feelingira - June 27, 2011

“On the other hand, when Phil Younghusband said in an interview that Angel is a terrific dancer, there is a possibility that he just wanted to score a blowjob.”

Blowjob talaga ha? Di intercourse? Ang hirap kasi sa mga diva-divahan, feeling nila si Phily Younghusband ay para siya na mahilig sa blowjob. Bakla, dyahe ka naman. Parang nangungumpisal kang, hello everyone, gusto kong magblowjob.

“the confrontations are hilariously staged”

Tama, sing hilarious nitong rebyu mo, ateng diva-divahan.

“the lines are unbearable”

Tama uli. Kasing unbearable ng comment na to: Olivia Lamasan does not know how straight people make love (or have sex).

Feeling mo talaga, ateng richard.

23. feelingira - June 27, 2011

hoy ateng petra, alternick ka ba ng diva-divahan na si richard bolisay? i bet! hahahhaa

24. LV - June 27, 2011

baka wala ang amo ni feelingira kaya kinakarir ang pagcocomment.

oi feelingira, kung di mo maayos ang arguments mo yung grammar at spelling na lang, please. napaghahalata na kasi yung kabobohan mo. :)

at sino si lino broka?? teh gina, google!!!!

25. feelingira - June 27, 2011

targaryen, no doubt pangit ang movie. ang punto ko, sobrang diva-divahan tong si richard bolisay magrebyu. di pala magrebyu, kundi mang-okray. masyadong feeling. lalo na siguro kung magkaaward to. afraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid. lols

26. Age of Ballz - June 27, 2011

Acheng Feelingera, last time I checked the dictionary, crass had your name on it.


27. Petra - June 27, 2011

Alternick ka ba ni Olivia Lamasan, feelingira? Your defensiveness is so personal and vitriolic, it’s like you just found out you’re horrible in bed. You just got told, vakla.

28. Don - June 27, 2011

Bakit ba ang butthurt mo? LOL favorite mo ba si Beyonce kasi favorite mo yang word na “diva” bahahaha

29. feelingira - June 27, 2011

wow, daming alternick ni richard bolisay, ang ating divaness. bow. harharhar.

sana lahat ng makabasa ng rebyu na to, mabasa din ang mga comment na to.

inlinalagay ko lang tong baklang diva-divahan sa dapat niyang kalagyan. obvious vaaaaaaaa?!

30. feelingira - June 27, 2011

don, si beyonce, diva. si richard diva-divahan. lols

31. feelingira - June 27, 2011

sa dami ng ginagamit mong alternick, vaklang richard, mukhang nahurt ka sa mga pinamukha ko sau. now, you know kung anong feeling ng pinagdi-diva-divahan. tsura. manalaming ka kaya makita mong buto’t balak ka, meaning, wala kang sex life! walaaaaaaaaaa! joke lang. hahahaha

32. Richard Bolisay - June 27, 2011

hello feelingira. for the record, hindi ko sila alternicks dahil i stand by my statements. e ikaw? fake name? fake e-mail? fugly comments? disastrous arguments?

these people are called friends. wala ka kasi nun. ahuhuhu. wawa ka naman. maglimas ka muna ng luha mo dyan.

33. feelingira - June 27, 2011

ay lv, di mo kilala si lino brocka? vakla, siya ung bf nung housemate sa bigbrother dati na nakipaglampungan ng zanjoe marudo. huli ka pala sa valita e. hahahhaa

34. feelingira - June 27, 2011

at least ateng divaness, sugod to death sila para idefend ka. alam kasi nila na dehado ka sa paghaharap natin. hahahaha

35. @feelingira - June 27, 2011


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

36. LV - June 27, 2011

feelingira, the “lino broka” comment wasn’t even for you. and the “bf nung housemate sa bigbrother dati na nakipaglampungan ng zanjoe marudo” is lino cayetano. or you were just trying to be funny. hindi kasi effective.

37. feelingira - June 27, 2011

kaw din naman, di effective. pareho lang tayo, lv. kalowka. im stooping down to your level. o kaya mo yan. duh!!! ayan pa. hahaha

38. echosera - June 27, 2011

Richard Bolisay, I have definitely become one of your biggest fans after reading this whole blog entry (comments ESPECIALLY included). :p

39. Don - June 27, 2011

si superstarmarian yata si feelingira. jelaz kasi yung movie ni angel ang nireview mo, chard!

40. feelingira - June 27, 2011

napahayag ko na ang aking saloobin, kaya babush na, ateng diva-divahan. hahhahaa

41. feelingira - June 27, 2011

i home marami makabasa ng mga comments na to at nang mabasa nila kung pano ko nilampaso ang diva-divahan na itech. kalurkey. tsura naman. hahaha

42. Echoserang froglet - June 27, 2011

Echosera itong si feelingira, parang si Gollum. Ay sorry, di mo pala kilala si Gollum. Oh sige , para lumebel sa iyon, isa kang undin. Bumalik ka sa lungga mo, echoserang froglet!

Daming satsat. Oh baka naman insecure ka lang?

Di ko kilala itong nagreview pero below the belt kang tumira. Sabagay, malamang below the belt naman ata lagi puntirya mo. Ahahahaha

43. Lino Brocka - June 28, 2011

ok lang na hindi kayo gumawa ng pelikula basta laging manood ha? ok, balik na ko sa grave…

44. hustler - June 29, 2011

Ang pikon ay laging TALO!

45. hustler - June 29, 2011

41. feelingira – June 27, 2011
i home marami makabasa ng mga comments na to at nang mabasa nila kung pano ko nilampaso ang diva-divahan na itech. kalurkey. tsura naman. hahaha

— Wala naman akong nabasang matino sa yo? Nilampaso pa kaya?

46. hustler - June 29, 2011

Paano pa kaya kung mabasa ni feelingera yung review ni sino at ni sino na para sa kanila ay saksakan ng kapangitan ang pelikulang yan. Susugod kaya siya dun? LOL

47. feelingira's nanay - July 9, 2011

Naku pagpasensyahan nyo na yang anak ko ha. Anak, diba sabi ko sayo wag mong kalimutan yung gamot mo? Ayan ka na naman e!

48. Epoy - July 15, 2011

Chard, sikat ka na!

I should’ve read this review earlier para naman may kakampi si feelingera. XD.

I think you won’t be writing some reviews again for a long time…. XD. See you!

49. Jayclops - July 16, 2011

di lang ako nakapag-visit sa blog mo ng 2 weeks chard ay….. sikat ka na! hahaha. nakakatuwa naman ang mga comments hahaha

50. Adrian Mendizabal - July 18, 2011


Mahal kita. Chos! Mga trip nga naman! XD Pero para saken, tunay kang diva poreber and eber!


ewwww… bat andito ka? hahahah

51. whatever - July 21, 2011

hello..richard napakagaling mo namang magsukat ng review..super agree ako sa review na sinulat mo..napakapangit taloaga ng pelikulang iyan..sana man lang ginandahan iong daloy ng kwento..and si angel locsin?naman trying hard maging dancer puro projection lang ang alam maganda lang ata sa pelikulang iyon iyong pagpapakita ng cleavage ni angel locsin..the rest, pangit na….i like you kasi wala kang pinapanigan..pinaghawakan mo lang talaga iyong opinyon mo..keep it up :)

52. whatever - July 21, 2011

and sayo feelingera, girl! :) malay mo pag pasok mo dun maturuan ka ng magandang ASAL..:) RESPETO mo na lang sana opinyon ng iba..iyon lang opinyon niya sa movie HINUSGAHAN mo na iyong pagkatao niya..lahat naman tayo may kanya kanyang taste, preferences, views about life..kung iyon iyong point of view niya di tanggapin mo na lang..you’re so RUDE..mali mali na nga grammar mo nambabastos ka pa ng kapuwa mo..iyon lang..pakabait ka na ha :)

53. Jayclops - July 23, 2011

@adrian. huuuuusss. sumunod ka na nga lang sakin mang-aaway ka pa. ewwww perv! haha

54. Manilyn Magcanam - July 24, 2011

gosh…this is BULLSHITT
!but still i respect your opinion….!

55. Manilyn Magcanam - July 24, 2011

who wrote this?im begining to hate him!

56. Manilyn Magcanam - July 25, 2011

“A crass review deserves crass comments.” Very true.

57. Funandfearless - July 27, 2011

Hmm… I appreciate the bluntness of your review. That’s one thing not all bloggers can do – to say how much they hate a piece of “artistic” work. I was persuaded by the rush of tweets and FB posts announcing how great this movie was and somehow I thought the Philippine movie industry is on its way to competitiveness. Now, I’m rethinking. ^_^

58. hustler - July 27, 2011

“Jake Cuenca, at the very least, does not disappoint; his mere presence in the movie is strong proof that it is going to be bad.” – alwaystrue.

59. hustler - July 30, 2011

the film started good until it gets lousier and lousier till the very end. the execution is bad, funny, crazy, lousy. many hails this shit piece of cinema as the best. if that is so then cinema is in grave danger.

60. Jessie - October 17, 2011

Sorry but damn you lady. And may I just ask a question… IF THOSE FOUL THOUGHTS AND DISTURBING WORDS WERE TRUE, HOW THEN DID THE DUMB STUPID MOVIE, AS YOU SAID, REACHED THE BOX OFFICE? WITH A PHP 117M GROSS? Please think first before publishing your dumb ideas you self-centered bitch. Sorry.

61. Jessie - October 17, 2011


62. Jessie - October 17, 2011


63. Richard Bolisay - October 18, 2011

you know what,

64. MC - December 13, 2011

Suddenly, I want to be Richard’s friend.

65. Richard Bolisay - December 14, 2011

Why not?

66. lulu - December 14, 2011

haters gonna hate, chard. ad hominem lang ang alam nilang way to get their points across. ignore.

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