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2011 in Music: June Tweets July 2, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Twitter Reviews.

(91) YUCK/Yuck: the glory of the 90s complete with gold soundz, dinosaurz, fanclubz, and lemonheadz #7.5

(90) W H O K I L L/tUnE-yArDs: garbus’s coos and lilts and sonic jabs grate as much as they captivate. but still and all, funk’s not dead #6

(89) WIT’S END/Cass McCombs: someone whose future epitaph reads “Home At Last” is bound to give you onerous shivers and lovely lullabies #8

(88) LET THEM TALK/Hugh Laurie: greg house will never be the sexy blues musician he always wanted to be, but it’s fun to watch him try #6.5

(87) BON IVER/Bon Iver: wake me up when winter ends #5.5

(86) 4/Beyoncé: the diva’s still a vocal hustla, topping Sasha Fierce and torch singing her way through schmaltz and splinters #7

(85) WITH U/Holy Other: spooky robodub-sublimities form a glacier before evanescing from the thick of it #6.5

(84) LAST NIGHT ON EARTH/Noah and the Whale: our self-centered and self-conscious teenage Kinks are happier than before, sincere as always #7.5

(83) TALUMPATI/Gloc-9: at the center of it is not gloc-9’s trite poetry and hypnopompic confessions but the guests whose verses shine through #6

(82) OLD REGIMES/Matthew Friedberger: the harp bleeds sinister and dissolves all hooks and crooks #6

(81) 21/ADELE: a soap starring adele and her vocal prowess ends when she has finally grown wings and soared #8

(80) GLOSS DROP/Battles: laser/beams, fridge/magnets, electro/limousines, and dance/turbos flailing around in a frantic shambles #8

(79) CIVILIZATION EP/Justice: the track itself is a little shy, but the remixes will certainly prep you for the new record #6.5

(78) DAVID COMES TO LIFE/Fucked Up: “enormity” & “enormousness” are interchangeable in this bloody zen arcade epic hoo-ha of loss & hysteria #8.5

(77) THE MAGIC PLACE/Julianna Barwick: the gospels have never sounded this persuasive and powerful yet so light and generous #7.5

(76) LA JOVEN DOLORES/Christina Rosenvinge: “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever” #7.5

(75) TURTLENECK & CHAIN/The Lonely Island: wack sucker punches coming on like gangbusters from the cast of “Glee on Marijuana” #8

(74) THE IMMINENT FAILURE OF FRANÇOIS PEGLAU/François Peglau: he’ll never be alain delon, but peglau manages a sly hitchhike to lennon’s catalog #7

(73) THE FLYING EP/The Flying Ipis: spiky and nittty-gritty punk/garage ditties delivered by (spice) girls don’t-wanna-be’s #6.5

(72) NATIVE SPEAKER/Braids: montreal quartet hurls lush harmonies before running out of glitter and grease #6

(71) O, EVELYN…/Owen: “all that I need is to know that I’ll know you when you’re older” daddy mike matures and remains a sweetie #7

(70) MOMENT BENDS/Architecture in Helsinki: why quit child’s play and replace it with YA/boyband/techno mishmash that doesn’t work? #5

(69) GOBLIN/Tyler, the Creator: nobel prize for fucking literature #8

(68) HALLS EP/Halls: sumptuous and scrumptious—cloudy with a chance of buzz-balls—skittering before it finally explodes #8.5

(67) BLACK UP/Shabazz Palaces: space(d out)(t)rap “50 years in the making,” at the center of which are fidgety monuments about to keel over #8

(66) OH SUNSHINE/Oh Sunshine: emily’s voice takes you in before mikio’s guitar takes you away; one reason you should dump she and him #7.5

(65) SOMETHING LEFT BEHIND/Transit: a group of boys got an A+ in Platitudes 101 #3.5

(64) STONA ROSA/The ACBs: it tastes like the best tasting lemonade you ever gulped down and you can’t find anything like it anywhere else #7.5

(63) OPUS EPONYMOUS/Ghost: Swedish doom metal crawling between holy blasphemous and arty pop, something your mother might actually like #7.5

(62) I REMEMBER ME/Jennifer Hudson: a producer’s paradise in which the ballads echo the best (gorgeous) and worst (strained) of whitney #7

(61) SMOTHER/Wild Beasts: thorpe’s tremulous turbines turn and each song waxes dainty even without meaning to #8.5

(60) BURST APART/The Antlers: sunk in the abyss, silberman’s hair-raising caterwauls reach harrowing heights #8





1. Jayclops - September 7, 2011

chard, san mo dinownload ang Napoleonette? hehe. PM mo na lng. thanks.

2. Richard Bolisay - September 7, 2011

i sent you an e-mail, jay!

3. Jayclops - September 7, 2011

thanks, Chard!

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