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Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me (Erick Salud, 2011) July 22, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Cinemalaya, Literature, Noypi.

Written by Jerry Gracio
Directed by Erick Salud
Cast: Edgar Allan Guzman, Mercedes Cabral, Simon Ibarra, Mel Kimura
Based on the bestselling book by Eros Atalia

In the company of pubescent boys and girls, kids who mindlessly talk aloud and take down notes for their school paper, how can I not enjoy Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me? The movie had them rolling in the aisles, seemingly competing against the film’s utter lack of restraint, and the frenzy between them was dead contagious. Thirty minutes through the movie I was having a hard time “catching up” with the humor, and a few scenes later I was probably the one with the loudest chuckle in the audience. The goodness of its entertainment is that it doesn’t make you think of the consequences. It’s simple: it makes you happy, therefore it’s good. No guilt from the pleasure, no guilt from the way it brims with careless youth.

Ligo na U, Lapit Na Me is (500) Days of Summer without the elements that make the latter annoying—elements that also make it endearing to many people—particularly the manic pixie dream girl. Mercedes Cabral is Zooey Deschanel except that she is not trying so hard to be mysterious. While we are inclined to call Mercedes’s character a slut, we couldn’t say the same to Summer. She is disposably vanilla cardboard. Mercedes evokes a kind of sensuality that keeps you away from curiosity. She does not confound; she is simply erratic like the rest of us. On the other hand, Edgar Allan Guzman is our Joseph Gordon-Levitt, charmingly hopeless, helplessly cute, showing off more skin and dumbness than needed. Edgar is able to sustain our interest from start to finish, breaking the fourth wall many times, waking up on the wrong side of the bed with a smile on his face. His sensuality matches that of Mercedes, even exceeds it, proving that his face is more expressive than his physique.

What makes the movie work is that the script, written by Jerry Gracio, is never apologetic for its excessiveness, and it feels like being at the other end of the rollercoaster ride: seeing what’s coming ahead and enjoying the thrill nevertheless. Like literature or cinema that is lightweight and does not talk about grave social issues, Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me will gain a huge following from a select group of people, young ones most especially, and that sounds better than having movies recognized abroad whose viewership does not exceed a hundred. Around these students who have actually read the book and gone out of their way to see its adaptation, I, clueless about the work of Eros Atalia, feel a bit old and think it’s a good sign.



1. Don - July 22, 2011

Damn you, Chard! Now I want to watch this!

2. libidoatlikido - July 23, 2011

para sa akin lang,a. matagumpay na napaghiwalay ang nobela at pelikula.

konting hasa pa sa acting ni Guzman, pero malaki na improvement niya kumpara sa mga nauna niyang trabaho.

3. PAULEY F. VECINO - July 26, 2011

gustung gusto ko ang script ni eros at screenplay naman ni jerry, at directorial job ni erick salud. as first timer in full length movie ay pasang pasa na sia. siguro dahil nahasa sia as director sa teleserye ng kapamilya network. ang bilis ng facing ng bawat eksena talag. more movies plis direk. ang akting naman ni edgar alan guzman ay swak na swak talaga. nilalamon nia lahat ang bawat ka eksena nia. plus ang galing ng narration nia. bawat eksena ng narration nia ay tuhog na tuhog. getz mo?

4. Cris Ian Mendoza - July 29, 2011

It was really a great movie…maganda ang pagkakagawa despite na 7 days lang ang making…maganda din ang story especially the open ending…thanks for opening the minds of lots of people…

5. bluestella - August 10, 2011

I heard that it will be shown in cinemas by 7th of September.

6. hayde - August 13, 2011

gusto ko ‘tong mapanuod !! :(

7. Camille Repaso - August 16, 2011

kailan po ba showing nito??

8. pepe - August 19, 2011

wala bang torrent nito? please share naman kung me makita kayo :D

9. rons - August 26, 2011

ang gwapo ni edgar allan. sana makapagTour ka rin dito sa Iloilo City.

10. Trin - August 31, 2011

Lol! I loved Ligo Na U but 500 Days of Summer was not an annoying film. JMO.

11. Jah Mhil - October 1, 2011

galeng ng movie na to. makatotohanan ang tema. makakarelate kahit sino. =)

12. Jay - December 27, 2011

I like the comparison to 500 Days. I believe this movie gave justice to the novel.

13. nuelene - January 19, 2012

I want to watch this one. Just finished the book.

14. joycie - January 29, 2012

i’ve read the book, and want to watch the movie..san ko pwede mapanuod ito? tnx

15. robee - May 14, 2012

bkit ganun? bitin .. maxado nia kong pinag iisip bout jenny, sad tuloy

16. summerdaffy - September 9, 2012

ang husay ng pagkakagawa ni eros atalia kilala nia ba ko? kasi its like im reading and watching my own story swak na swak good thing pa parang may sumulat na ng chapter ng buhay kong yon…nakakatuwa apir!

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