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2011 in Music: July Tweets July 31, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Twitter Reviews.

(114) DAYPLAYER EP/Dayplayer: john francis daley forms a band and everyone’s feeling that mushy high school goo again #6

(113) KISS EACH OTHER CLEAN/Iron and Wine: sam beam is snug as a bug in a rug, singing from a hilltop, having a hunky-dory, pleasant ball #6.5

(112) SKYING/The Horrors: in many shoegazing ways a majestic trip all the way back, basking in the splendor of auricular fissures and cascades #8

(111) SOUND KAPITAL/Handsome Furs: synth-heavy follow-up does not whirl as much as the first, but boeckner manages to lock the grid and fire it #7

(110) MIDDLE STATES/The Appleseed Cast: a bullet of lilting arpeggios and soaring sonic gravitas following the trajectory of a mopey soccer ball #7

(109) WASTING LIGHT/Foo Fighters: a crashing clusterfuck that throbs wild before flinging a couple of jackknifed juggernauts #8.5

(108) COLORING BOOK/Glassjaw: they had me at “vanilla poltergeist snake”—the title, not the song—and the annoying riffs that don’t stop #5

(107) BADLANDS/Dirty Beaches: the sound of lo-fi without the fi #3

(108) CODES AND KEYS/Death Cab for Cutie: an overlooked gem that fits snugly into the band’s ever-growing woebegone playlist #7.5

(106) NOTHING IS WRONG/Dawes: sophomore release knocks it out of the park, way way out, deep deep in #8.5

(105) LET ENGLAND SHAKE/PJ Harvey: revolutions happen like refrains in a song, and this record is one of those historic battlefields #8.5

(104) DEERHOOF VS EVIL/Deerhoof: as bizarre as it is wonderful; satomi matzusaki winks and an atomic bomb falls somewhere else #7

(103) HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART 2/Beastie Boys: the boys never lost the license to kill and the flow to thrill #7.5

(102) THE KING IS DEAD/The Decemberists: Meloy the Scrabble King and company return to basics and pull together a fragile yet satisfying whole #7

(101) THE PEOPLE’S KEY/Bright Eyes: the sum of all fears and evangelical motion sickness, florid and affectionate, but never—never—ironic #6.5

(100) EUREKA/Mother Mother: the unabashed headless-chicken pop goodness of the first half weighs heavy and drags the slack second #7.5

(99) THE NEXT RIGHT THING/Seth Glier: a gifted singer-songwriter whose stories strike a chord and whose voice can lead an army and make it weep #7

(98) GIMME SOME/Peter Bjorn and John: the icy dreamscapes are harder and more cluttered, but the derivative melodies manage to stick and work #7

(97) 2071/Magic Places: a cocktail of finite subjective realities #6

(96) MIRRORWRITING/Jamie Woon: twenty-something british producer is unafraid to tread on borderline sap and trip over doleful hanky-panky #7.5

(95) CULTS/Cults: sugar eclipses the light, crackling guiltless pop until gleam turns dim #6.5

(94) OUTSIDE/Tapes ‘n Tapes: a firehouse of anthems running away from a bee sting #6.5

(93) WONDERVISIONS/Delicate Steve: steve hopscotches in rainbows, sliding from one confounding guitar window to another #7.5

(92) SEVEN SWANS REIMAGINED/Various Artists: a touching tribute in which a couple of tracks (harrod’s esp) stand out and dissolve the rest #6






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