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Mars Caronia (Don Jaucian, 2011) October 25, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Asian Films, Noypi, Short Cuts, Video Art.

Shot, written, and directed by Don Jaucian

“Waking up is a parachute from dreams. / Free of the suffocating turbulence, the traveler / sinks toward the green zone of morning,” Tomas Tranströmer writes in “Prelude,” the first poem in his first book published in 1954. Don Jaucian evokes the same feeling of terrifying liberty in his short film, “Mars Caronia,” except that in lieu of words (and their power to conjure images) he uses colors of varying tinctures that rain on the screen sporadically to produce a disconcerting mood of psychedelia. From the point of view of a boat passenger, the splash of water is a key image, and it magically transforms into a school boy’s piece of artwork painted clumsily on a small canvas. It’s quite obvious that Jaucian intends to pay tribute to one of his favorite filmmakers, Raya Martin, but despite the unmistakable influence, he is able to come up with something unique, a work that “clatters tambourines of ice” and “leaves behind a long, shimmering comet tail.”



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