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2011 in Music: October Tweets November 2, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Twitter Reviews.

(144) PORTAMENTO/The Drums: pierce dons robert smith and talks about things heavier than heaven and sadder than the sound of one hand clapping #7.5

(143) NO TIME FOR DREAMING/Charles Bradley: bradley is 62 years old and this is his debut album. get ready for soul punches #8

(142) THE RIP TIDE/Beirut: the lightest beirut album so far, and by lightest it means most accomplished #8

(141) PERFECT DARKNESS/Fink: aches and trembles and fans the flames that rise from its bonfire, blowing and kindling the wind #7

(140) LOOPING STATE OF MIND/The Field: it sure lives up to its name, but the wide stretches lack will-o’-the-wisps #5.5

(139) LUPERCALIA/Patrick Wolf: some tracks cut through like a hot knife through butter; some go from one ear to another #6.5

(138) WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN/Selena Gomez and The Scene: miss bieber drops pop missiles and makes sweeping gestures of self-worth #6.5

(137) NEW BRIGADE/Iceage: 4 Danish lads pull together a punk-spit-punk helter-skelter debut of flaming riffs and anarchist sonic youth shrapnel #9

(136) GRAVITY/Westlife: doing original songs is still the best way to impress #6

(135) AN ARGUMENT WITH MYSELF/Jens Lekman: jens leans closer to paul simon, his anecdotes and litotes sending forth gleams #7

(134) WALLS/An Horse: kate cooper bleeds it out, switching between her heart and brain damn too many times, and lands every kiss with a fist #7.5

(133) BLANCK MASS/Blanck Mass: after witnessing nuclear accidents, an alien hides in subterranea, records his experiences, & beams someone home #8

(132) WATCH THE THRONE/Jay-Z and Kanye West: not as beautiful, dark, or twisted as MBDTF, but their crack fantasies together play for keeps #6

(131) DUALIST/Taken by Cars: dance gurus are able to even out the splats of noise and make the irresistible hooks and a-one textures float #7.5

(130) UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA/Unknown Mortal Orchestra: rags and tatters of analog wavering in low-key gaieties, itching to help you get laid #7

(129) TORCHES/Foster the People: contains loops of hoops and trapezes that are supposed to disappoint but they don’t #7

(128) WITHIN AND WITHOUT/Washed Out: takes on a trippy glo-fi cruise before dipping its heart in slimy collagen high and low #7

(127) ON A MISSION/Katy B: occasional fistfuls of swell pub-club decoys signed, sealed, and delivered from calm #5.5

(126) REPTILIANS/Starfucker: from the clever band name to the tunes that bask in torrential synths, STRFKR’s childish fun is hard to dismiss #7

(125) DYE IT BLONDE/Smith Westerns: “…love is lovely and when you are young.” a soundtrack to many nights of long walks and short kisses #7

(124) ANG SAYAW NG DALAWANG KALIWANG PAA/Various Artists: fans of the movie will be delighted. fans of vic robinson will be in seventh heaven #6

(123) FADING PARADE/Papercuts: thick and heavy, heady and textured, oftentimes more melodic and melancholy than Beach House #7.5

(122) LAST SUMMER/Eleanor Friedberger: eleanor steps back from her brother’s excesses and rollicks in the skating rink of her blues #7

(121) STRANGE NEGOTIATIONS/David Bazan: the wonderful weariness of bazan’s introspection makes up for the album’s shortness on surprise #7.5

(120) LIMITERS OF THE INFINITY POOL/Pupil: shares the sobriety & might of the first & second, though the sonic handcuffs here are more adventurous #7

(119) ATTENTION PLEASE/Boris: its pop knives stab deep, the blood drowning the meagerly arranged tracks and hanging them wet #6.5

(118) HEAVY ROCKS/Boris: the metal prefixes and suffixes connect and disconnect amid the billows of icy fire and smoke #7

(117) NEW ALBUM/Boris: a ravishing J-pop/rock start gets shaky and leans on abstract towards the middle and end #7

(116) GROUPLOVE EP/Grouplove: vocal tidal waves and robust harmonies open the door to unexpected come-ons #7

(115) HOW YOUR INFLUENCE BETRAYS YOU/Typecast: the sentiments are lame and juvenile, but the drums and guitar work are made of massive #6







1. Jayclops - November 7, 2011

fave ko dito ang Washed Out, then The Drums, then Foster the People. heard a couple of tracks from The Rip Tide and Iceage. i have yet to listen to the entirety.

2. fastkleyr - November 27, 2011

this is cool..

3. Spartacus Vengeance - November 29, 2011

Double thumbs up for. Great list. This is a shout out for WITHIN AND WITHOUT/Washed Out.

Way to go!

4. Liam - November 29, 2011

Cool list! The best i’ve come across in the web. :D

5. TV Series - December 11, 2011

Palagi ako andito! Nice Post!

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