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The Top Music Videos of 2011 December 14, 2011

Posted by Richard Bolisay in Music, Music Videos, Yearender.

It’s the time of year again when indulgence in list-making is tolerated and forgiven, especially when it comes to music. In light of 2011’s abundance of gifts to offer, it is only proper that music lovers recognize them one by one. Picking only five among the music videos released this year is obviously wrong (many remain unseen and many hardly win against the fluctuating Web connection) but picking five is how everything will start, and starting is always the key to doing things right. Anyway, here they go. Click on the titles to watch.

5. I AM THE BEST, 2NE1. Directed by Seo Hyun Seung.

Everything here screams with extravagance: flashy outfits, luxurious production design, strange sci-fi elements, excessive display of swag, too much emphasis on glam. But in 2NE1’s glitzy universe, over-the-top ideas are a beauty to look at, and even the scantiness of dance moves doesn’t hurt much. Who run the world again?

4. THE WILHELM SCREAM, James Blake. Directed by Alexander Brown.

The song is lovely, but James Blake is lovelier. Even the shaky camera says so, capturing him in profile and toying with effects and colors, soft blues and luscious greens, ambivalence and swoon, eye contact and sexual distance.

3. BEST THING I NEVER HAD, Beyoncé. Directed by Diane Martel.

It’s not the lacy corset that looks terribly good on her, nor the extravagant details on her Vera Wang gown, nor the playful wedding ceremony and the hilariously bad home video that turn this into a spectacle: it’s Beyoncé’s face—the way it shines with happiness and satisfaction, the way it achieves revenge without actually doing it, and the way it shoots daggers at every douchebag who deserves a bloody kick in the face. Look at her. She’s contagious.

2. THE GREEKS, Is Tropical. Directed by Megaforce. Animation by Seven.

A no-nonsense depiction of kids in the age of counterstrike who fire guns at enemies and strangers, produce and sell meth, speak French in drug deals, throw explosives, and enjoy the inanity and insanity of it all. “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Right. Totally fun.

1. LOTUS FLOWER, Radiohead. Directed by Garth Jennings.

Longtime Radiohead fans like myself were not supposed to be surprised when this came out in February—Thom’s sporadic movements (or seizures?) and crazy gyrations every time he performed onstage bore the seeds—but for some reason we were: not only surprised but also astonished, affected, and bemused, and later on the surprise turned into intense euphoria, exaltation, and rapture, exhilarated by the sight of Thom Yorke careening, cavorting, frolicking, jitterbugging, jiving, prancing, swinging, waltzing—whatever you call those moves or gestures of trying to survive a fit. The moment this video was released, the world became better every second, and dancing no longer needed talent: it only required joie de vivre.



1. megan - December 14, 2011

Dear Richard,

Friends talaga tayo. 5th song pa lang o. I’m not a KPop person pero naantig ako sa song at video na yan. Di ko maintindihan. It’s beyond me, hahaha.

No. 4, yes. No. 3, yes.

No. 2. FAVORITE KO RIN YAN!!! Ginawa yung word na awesome para sa video na yan. Woohoo!

No. 1. But of course! Even the spoofs are good, haha.

2. Richard Bolisay - December 15, 2011

Dear Megan,

Palagay ko mahal na mahal pa rin talaga natin si Sandara kaya hindi natin mahindian ang 2NE1. Ganda ganda e.

Ang husay ng video ng The Greeks! Gawa tayo ng ganun. Barilan lang. Tas haluan din natin ng sex. Haha.

Apir! Friends 5ever! Nasaan na yung list mo? :P

3. Carl - December 26, 2011

super agree with wilhelm scream. :D

4. Richard Bolisay - December 26, 2011

a james blake fan on-board!

5. Carl - December 26, 2011

nung first time ko narinig ang wilhelm scream, siguro mga 3 days or so ko syang paulit ulit lang na pinapakinggan

6. Richard Bolisay - December 27, 2011

also amazing is the story behind the song, which was originally sung by blake’s father. the kid’s so talented. what’s your favorite from the album? i’m not fond of his EPs, though.

7. Carl - December 27, 2011

really talented amen! my fave is the wilhelm scream, but i really LOVE limit to your love and measurements. how about you?

8. Richard Bolisay - December 27, 2011

hands down, measurements. it sounds like a prayer to me. “please fall down/ testing sounds for the deaf and the forest cold” /cry. i don’t know a single thing about dubstep, but he’s doing his own jam, and that’s probably the best about him, at such a young age.

9. Carl - December 27, 2011

a good friend of mine said that listening to james blake is like listening to a cassette tape na kinakain. oddly enough, what i love about the whole album, and about james blake is how different and odd he sounds.

ps: i want to see your year end best album list :D hehehe

10. Richard Bolisay - December 27, 2011

the year-end songs and albums lists are done! i just need more time to annotate them. maybe within the week or the next. balik ka, carl! thanks!


what’s your favorite song and album of 2011? :P

11. Carl - December 27, 2011

hmmm tough question haha. my favorite song has got to be updharmadown’s “Indak”. but then there’s “someone like you”, “the wilhelm scream”, “video games” and “i don’t want love”.

as for the album i’m torn between adele’s 21, james blake’s.

i’ll research your year end list in twitter :D

12. Richard Bolisay - December 27, 2011

Nice choices. Lana del Rey’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, and I’m on the + side on her. Next week here, I hope!

Happy holidays, Carl! Enjoy the rest of the year.

13. Carl - December 27, 2011

happy holidays to you too! :)

14. bolix - December 28, 2011

OPM countdown na! Dali! Iwan muna sa bathroom ang hipsterya.

15. Richard Bolisay - December 29, 2011

Pressure! Hirap ng all-OPM. Puwedeng all-pop na lang? #AngelineQuinto

16. bolixbolix - January 1, 2012

To aid you| or pressure you| some more| if not let’s| do this next| year

17. Pageant-expert - April 29, 2012

Mas maganda pag realistic na may kunting aliw factor..

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