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“Montalvo-Hervieu’s Paradis According to J. Elizalde Navarro,” 64″ x 60,” acrylic on canvas.




1. dante nico garcia - May 21, 2008

maraming salamat po sa pagpuna ng aking pelikula…
tunay na nakakataba ng puso ang iyong mga tinuran.


2. Richard Bolisay - May 27, 2008

walang anuman, sir. :D

3. bittergrace - May 28, 2008

ay, ngayon ko lang nakita ‘to…hahaha. wala lang.

4. gie - August 7, 2008

Astig! Bravo kafatid! ipalakpak ang dalawang kamay isama ang paa…

5. maitimnaclassmate - December 31, 2008

Richard Bolisay is a good friend of mine. We were classmates in high school. We also went to the same university (and were both delayed in finishing our respective degrees for quite some time, hahaha). This guy is one of the very few people whom i really admire. His sense of judgment and creativity really astounds me. He’s really an idol !!! (oh ayan, parang friendster testimonial na, hahaha)

6. Richard Bolisay - January 5, 2009

I can’t think of any maitim na classmate but manmar francisco! haha. salamat, salamat sa pagbisita.

7. Prometheus Brown - February 14, 2009

Mabuhay sa Lilok Pelikula!

I really dig your blog, sir. I’m relatively new to (quality) Philippine cinema, and I have a sine blog myself: http://www.prometheusbrown.com. Check it out when you get a chance – feedback appreciated.

Geo/Prometheus Brown

8. cayin - March 8, 2009

hi there! nice blog, very current and critical. Good thing na-discover ko.. i’ve seen you before sa CMC, i guess ur a film major no? ikaw nga ba yun? haha. I’m a CommRes grad, now a film undergrad (second deg). From now on, I’ll be regular visitor dito sa iyong journal.


9. Richard Bolisay - March 9, 2009

Thanks Cayin, :D

10. Misha - April 1, 2009

great writing, richard.
from Misha, Cebu

11. irishprecious - March 6, 2010

Good job po on the reviews. :) I think your blog is the first blog I visited that caters on movie reviews. Keep it coming!

12. rameshram - March 20, 2010

ok dude this is the first blog on film crit i almost respect.

I worship my own writing, but yours gets respec.


13. Tyler Draper - June 2, 2010

Hey, two years ako tumira sa Pilipinas (05-07), at lagi na akong nanonood ng mga Tagalog movies para hindi mawala ang lahat ng kaalaman ko sa Tagalog (sadly, despite my efforts to practice, marami na akong nakalimutan). My only problem is that I have a hard time finding films that appeal to me (American or Filipino). May mga suggestion ka ba? Kung may oras ka, please email me.

Also, I hope I don’t sound like a stalker, but hinahanap ko si Matt Berninger sa twitter kanina, at nakita ko yung twitter account mo tuloy. Nagulat ako, because I didn’t really expect to see any Tagalog posts about The National. Of course, I never lived in Manila, where I’m guessing there’s more access to independent music. I’m a big fan of American indie rock like The National, and also of Filipino bands like Eraserheads (of course) and Yano, but I never really had time to get into the music scene while I lived in the Philippines. I’d appreciate a few recommendations of good Filipino bands that may not be super sikat sa radyo.

My email is tylerdr.ape@gmail.com
or you could just reply to my post here, I suppose.
Also, I’m on facebook, so we could get in touch that way kung gusto mo.

Thanks sa lahat,

14. Frasco Mortiz - July 31, 2010

Thanks for watching Cinco and for giving an honest and unbiased review on our film. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

15. Richard Bolisay - August 1, 2010

You’re welcome, Frasco. :) Wait, would I still be welcome to visit Banana Split’s set?

16. myragarcesbacsal - October 24, 2011

Hello Richard. Thanks for your visit in GatheringBooks. I would recommend Bras Basah Complex in Singapore. They have cheap books ranging from 1sgd each to award winning titles that are 2 for 5 sgd – if you’re patient in kind of combing through the titles. I’ve blogged about Bras Basah here: http://gatheringbooks.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/discovering-sgs-bras-basah-complex-where-books-books-books-reign-supreme/

There are other independent booksellers – although I have not really visited any of them yet, so I am a little cautious about recommending anything I haven’t explored yet. I am a regular though at Bras Basah, since I’m a cheapskate that way. Hehe.

Do get in touch while you’re here. :)

17. Richard Bolisay - October 24, 2011

Hi! I replied to the post on your blog. Thanks for the help! :)

18. myragarcesbacsal - October 24, 2011

Hi! here’s a link on how to get to bras basah: http://bras-basah-complex.com.sg/bbc/3_info/en_findus.asp

Hope that helps!

19. Richard Bolisay - October 24, 2011

Thanks heaps!

20. myragarcesbacsal - October 24, 2011

My pleasure. You have an awesome website here. I know a few indie filmmakers in Manila (some are former students of mine) – just glad that something like this has been created – great database you got going.

21. Richard Bolisay - October 24, 2011

Thanks. You’re Pinoy? And you used to teach? Awesome.

22. myragarcesbacsal - November 3, 2011

Richard, yes, I’m Pinoy. And I still teach. :)

23. Charmie Quiapo - December 3, 2011

Hello Richard Bolisay! I was one of the participants on today’s (Saturday Dec 3, 2011) Binisaya program that you also participated in Cebu with Ramon Bautista.. Thank you in behalf of the Cinema students here in the University of San Carlos.

I do movie blogging too but I am not that formal like you.. and with that, I think you inspired me to do “serious” movie blogging. hahaha Thank you talaga!

Gwapo ka rin pala.. basta thank you! More power!
– Carmela

24. Richard Bolisay - December 14, 2011

Hi Carmela. Thank you, too. Nice meeting you in Cebu! :)

25. irvin - December 22, 2011

i really love your site and admire how you write.

just wondering, do you know any place where people abroad can view/get copies of old filipino movies such as salawahan?

thank you very much!

26. Richard Bolisay - December 23, 2011

Hi, I am not familiar with particular places abroad that sell Filipino movies. Have you tried looking online? Also, I think a lot of people upload old movies via torrent sites so it might help checking them out.

Thanks for the kind words, Irvin. :)

27. Rolando T. Inocencio - July 30, 2012

Richard, I just read your critique on Captive. I want to READ what you have to say about Requieme. More power…

28. Carla Samantha Pulido Ocampo - September 29, 2012

Richard! Ang galing-galing mo! Ochyen kharasho :D Haha, ewan, nalimutan ko na ang mga pangungusap sa Ruso, pero hindi pa rin kita nalilimutan, ha. AT pagkakataon nga naman, hinahanap kita sa FB, eh sa lahat ba naman ng lugar e dito pa kita matatagpuan sa WordPress!

Ipagpatuloy ang husay, at sana magtagpo ang mga landas natin sa malao’t madali! Mabuhay! :D

29. Richard Bolisay - October 5, 2012

Hi Carla! Kumusta na! Naaalala ko pa rin kung sino yung crush mo! Text mo naman ako at magkita tayo! :)

30. Katrina Rose Sambayan - August 8, 2013

Kamusta na? I’m amazed with your articles/reviews. Ang sipag mo naman magsulat. Keep up the good work! Kita naman tayo pag umuwi na si Neliza.

31. Jerico Baylon - October 6, 2014

Wow Chard daming fans :) Hope we meet again sayang last time it was too brief :) Do you know how can I access some films in here? We watched Metro Manila last time and it was good though comparison wise, I have not seen any Filipino movie since Bagong Buwan by Cesar Montano (though I might be exagerating a bit), so can’t really do a good comparison.

PS: Marami tayong maitim na classmate lol.

Glad you are enjoying your life the way you want it to be :)

32. Kesha - February 10, 2015

Hi Richard, Im Kesha from Mabuhay Restop in Manila. We would like to share with you about our Sine Mabuhay Club (SMC) – its a regular screening of Indie Films here in our venue. SMC aims to promote Filipino films and filmmakers. We would like to invite you to be part of the club and help us to spread the word. Were looking forward meeting you if possible on the first screening on Feb 14 K’na the Dreamweaver. We hope that we can have you as our member. Thank you so much. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me (see the poster from the link).

For your reference here’s the link of posters and schedule of our screenings: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.829321670461363.1073741887.425927120800822&type=1&l=3e85faa021

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